Celebrities help the £500 vitamin jab go mainstream

Intravenous therapy has taken off via social media after star names led the way. But [...]


Recently two men from Primal State in Germany flew to London to try out the [...]

Glass reviews Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments in London

Glass Magazine reviewed cosmetic acupuncture treatments in London, stopping at Zen to see our esteemed [...]

Are intravenous vitamin infusions a waste of time and money?

Zen was lucky enough to have a writer from the London Evening Standard​ stop by recently [...]

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I Got a ‘Brain Reboot Infusion’, the £500 Injection That Can Supposedly Change Your World

Recently one of the IV treatments we offer here at Zen, the NAD+ Brain Reboot [...]

Design showcase: Zen Healthcare seeks balance

Zen Healthcare in London’s Knightsbridge describes itself as “A Fusion of Pharmacy, Beauty and Wellness Centre [...]

Cellcosmet partners with Zen Pharmacy

Swiss cellular skincare brand Cellcosmet has partnered with Zen Pharmacy, making its products available at [...]