Harley Therapy

Established in 2006, Harley Therapy is London’s most reputable group of psychotherapy clinics. They are an exclusive team of highly experienced psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and psychiatrists committed to providing the highest quality of mental health care. Specialising in ADHD assessment and treatment, practitioners at the clinics also offer diagnosis and help for a full range of psychological concerns.

Together with Zen, the psychiatrists at Harley Therapy offer a safe and seamless prescribing service for ADHD and more.


Dr O’Flynn accompanies clients to his private retreat in Cumuruxatiba, Bahia, in North East Brazil, 17 degrees south of the equator, where he runs his successful intensive cleanse programs. He has a long-standing association with Cumuruxatiba, due to the fact that at one time, he was the main medical support for the locals.

The programme is based on an exercise and coconut water/water fast, with a tropical flavour, for a duration of 7 days. It is about a 400 – 500 calorie intake per day. Exercise and plenty of coconut water are key elements of this cleanse. For more information please go to The Cumuru Cleanse.

This is also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the real Brazilian experience in a small, peaceful fishing village. Clients love the fact that they have such easy access to culture and beautiful nature. This background provides an excellent distraction which helps with the overall detox programme, which also includes options for walking, swimming, hydromassage, massage, sailing, cycling, shiatsu, acupuncture, gym work outs and personal training.

Lectures and explanations of the science behind the cleanse and fasting are also a feature of this body holiday.

This balmy sub-tropical climate provides a perfect setting, and the accommodation is ideally situated.

You should expect to lose several kilograms during this detox. This is an ideal way to kick start and reboot for a lifestyle change. The aim is to return with a knowledge and enthusiasm to maintain the health gains for the longer term.

This is an exclusive bespoke service and takes planning, if you are interested you need to make an appointment to discuss your suitability with Dr O’Flynn, if you are not already a patient. A full medical examination is a prerequisite for this treatment.

Price on application.


Vida Fertility Institute is a group of fertility clinics based in Spain (Madrid & Alicante), with a clear vocation for international patients.

At Vida Fertility, nothing is standard, and each patient is unique. With more than a decade of experience in international clinics, they rely on latest techniques & technology in ART and all their expertise for your success. As part of their patient care excellency, they partner with Zen Healthcare where IVF medication is available to ease their patients’ experience. Prescriptions from Vida Fertility are directly sent and taken care of by Zen Healthcare Services. Any blood test can also be run at our facilities.

Here is a recap of all the treatments and main tests you can find at Vida Fertility: In Vitro Fertilization, Egg donation, Embryo accumulation, Egg Freezing, Shared motherhood (ROPA Method), Regenerative medicine, Endometrial receptivity, Reproductive immunology, Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT), Sperm selection, Oocytes quality assessment & blastocyst development prediction.

For women up to 50 years old – Single women – Heterosexual couples – Lesbian couples

Take the first step: contact@vidafertility.com

Christos Dimitriou

Dr. Christos Dimitriou

Dr. Christos Dimitriou is a highly experienced London based Consultant Psychiatrist with a specialist interest in a range of areas and especially in adult ADHD and its overlap with other conditions such as anxiety, mood disorders, OCD and trauma. His priority is to provide a welcoming bespoke practice that focuses on excellence not only in clinical work but also the wrap-around care that a patient experiences, from the point of first contact to medication delivery and treatment. Zen has the same focus on excellent service with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Throughout the years of working together they have consistently exceeded expectations, offering a reliable swift response that is highly valued by Dr Dimitriou and his patients.

dr wayne kamper

Dr Wayne Kampers

The service is spearheaded by Dr. Wayne Kampers, a distinguished Consultant Psychiatrist and Qualified Ketamine Therapist, emphasizing the innovative approach to mental health through Ketamine Assisted Therapy. Dr. Kampers’ affiliation with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) underscores his commitment to the forefront of psychedelic research and therapy, offering advanced treatment options for patients seeking comprehensive psychiatric care.