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ZEN HEALTHCARE delivers premium, cost-effective, and more importantly, superior private GP services via our four clinics located across London,  including Knightsbridge and Hampstead. designed ideally for anyone residing, working, or visiting the city and in need of a private doctor nearby. Our London Doctors Clinic Private GP appointments can be scheduled either in person, via phone, or through our online GP consultation.
If you need a blood test or a sexual health screening, we provide the quickest and most affordable doctor-led blood tests in London. All of our general practitioners at ZEN HEALTHCARE are highly skilled, UK accredited, and committed to assisting their patients with various medical needs. During your private GP appointment booking, returning patients can also opt to consult with the same doctor if they wish, subject to availability.
We are pleased to offer online GP appointments for those who prefer virtual consultation. All these appointments are conducted by registered doctors. Please be advised that the availability of these appointments may vary.
The investigative procedures we employ are intended to shed light on how you can enhance your overall health. Our team of friendly, experienced doctors are dedicated to offering expert advice and support, helping you make positive changes in diet, fitness, and lifestyle. We are always available for confidential advice.


Our offerings range from flexible face-to-face, video, and telephone consultations to comprehensive health blood testing. We can provide specialist referrals as necessary, manage your medication and prescriptions efficiently through our late-night pharmacy, and conduct a variety of imaging, investigation, and procedures.

  • Face to face consultations
  • Video & Telephone consultations
  • Health Blood testing
  • Specialist Referrals
  • Medications & Prescriptions
  • Imaging, Investigation and Procedures


  • Private Video Appointments
  • Blood Tests
  • Sexual Health
  • Certificates & Medicals
  • Specialist Referrals
  • Imagin, Investigation and Procedures
  • Immigration & Visa Medicals
  • Medications & Prescriptions


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Free to talk now? One of our friendly ZEN advisors will contact you to answer any questions straight away and to arrange your consultation, or you can choose a time for a call back later.

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