Zen Healthcare is a fusion of Pharmacy, Beauty and Wellness Center

We own two stores which are located respectively at the exquisite Beauchamp Place in Knightsbridge and the historical Baker Street in London.

Initially designed to be a holistic healthcare center, it quickly expanded into a full clinic comprising talented multidisciplinary group of Private General practitioners (GP), Anti-ageing doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, dermatologist, aesthetic doctors (Including Lip filler treatment and Botox injection), beauty and holistic therapists, homeopath, BHRT experts (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Treatment), psychotherapist as well as intravenous infusions specialists.

Our approach and ethic is to provide the most advanced and bespoke methods to correct ailments and promote wellness. We thrive at ZEN Health Care to provide the best therapies and treatments on the market while achieving results that are generally better than expected.

We also realize that you might need a late-night pharmacy to buy medicines or benefiting from an advice, in that regard, ZEN Healthcare insures a Late night hour pharmacy scheme, and same day Medicine delivery.

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