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Medical ozone is known for its remarkable bactericidal, fungicidal, and virostatic properties. This makes it an excellent tool for cleansing infected wounds and eliminating fungus and combined infections. With its natural disinfecting power, Ozone Therapy can help your body heal more effectively and efficiently.

But the benefits of Ozone Therapy extend far beyond its ability to cleanse and disinfect. It’s a powerful tool for combating circulatory disorders, stimulating circulation, and enhancing overall wellness. Whether you’re dealing with a circulatory disorder or just looking to boost your overall wellness, our Ozone Therapy could be the solution you’ve been seeking.

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One of the most extraordinary aspects of Ozone Therapy is its ability to activate the immune system. By introducing low concentrations of O3 into the body, it can stimulate your body’s natural resistance to disease, mobilizing the immune system and promoting an array of immune activities. Ozone Therapy can be particularly beneficial for those experiencing immune deficit, helping to strengthen the body’s natural defences.

At Zen Healthcare Clinic, we also specialize in Anti-Aging Ozone Therapy. Small quantities of ozone introduced into the body can activate cellular antioxidants and radical scavengers, helping to maintain youthful skin and a vibrant appearance. It’s an exciting, natural approach to anti-aging that can help you look and feel your best.

Experience Transformative Ozone Therapy at Zen Healthcare Clinic in London:
Single Therapy and Intensive 10-Pass Treatment Options for Optimal Wellness

At Zen Healthcare Clinic, we offer two comprehensive packages tailored to meet your unique needs: the Single Therapy and the 10 Pass Ozone Therapy.


Our Single Therapy option is an excellent way to introduce your body to the benefits of ozone. It’s a one-time treatment that can help to rejuvenate your appearance, boost your immune system, and improve your overall wellness.


For those seeking a more intensive treatment, our 10 Pass Ozone Therapy package provides a series of ten treatments, allowing the restorative properties of ozone to work in depth. 10 pass ozone therapy is a state of the art alternative treatment that provides an oxidative effect within the bloodstream. Typically ozone therapy is performed by drawing up 250ml of blood into an IV bag, and infusing 70gamma of ozone & heparin (to prevent blood clots). This Ozone + blood IV solution is then infused into the blood-stream (1 hour treatment)

The 10 pass ozone machine ( Zotzmann ) is the gold standard of ozone treatments. 200ml of blood is extracted from the body into a glass vial, by creating a vacuum produced by the machine. Then heparin is infused into the glass vial. 70gamma is then infused into the glass vial of blood and pressurized in the bloodstream, providing instant anti-inflammatory & pro-oxidative effects. This process takes 30-45 seconds which consists of (1) pass. This process is repeated 10 times for a 10 pass treatment.

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Indications of Ozone Oxygen Therapy:

At Zen Healthcare Clinic in London, we specialize in Ozone Oxygen Therapy – a powerful treatment option that has shown significant effectiveness in managing a wide array of health conditions. This cutting-edge therapy is known to address and improve various health ailments, enhancing your overall wellbeing and leading to a healthier, revitalized you.

  • Circulatory Disorders: Boost your circulation with our Ozone Oxygen Therapy, known to enhance blood flow and alleviate symptoms of circulatory disorders.

  • Regeneration and Revitalization: Experience the rejuvenating effects of Ozone Oxygen Therapy. It’s designed to revitalize your body, promoting cell regeneration and overall wellness.

  • Fungal Infections and Infected Skin Lesions: With its strong fungicidal properties, Ozone Oxygen Therapy can efficiently manage skin fungus infections and infected lesions, promoting faster healing and healthier skin.

  • Infected Wounds: Ozone Oxygen Therapy is known for its remarkable bactericidal properties, making it an effective treatment for disinfecting and promoting the healing of infected wounds.

  • Intestinal Conditions: Experience relief from intestinal conditions such as proctitis and colitis with the help of our Ozone Oxygen Therapy.

  • Virus Diseases: Ozone Oxygen Therapy has been shown to possess powerful virostatic properties, making it an effective treatment option for various viral diseases.

  • Inflammatory and Degenerative Diseases: Ozone Oxygen Therapy can aid in managing and reducing symptoms of both inflammatory and degenerative diseases, improving quality of life.

Health Benefits of Ozone Therapy 

Discover the multifaceted health benefits of Ozone Therapy at Zen Healthcare Clinic in London. This innovative treatment method, renowned for its wide-ranging healing properties, is designed to enhance your overall wellness and boost your body’s natural healing capabilities.

  • Comprehensive Inactivation of Pathogens: Experience the power of ozone in neutralising bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, yeast, and protozoa, contributing to a healthier, disease-free body.

  • Immune System Boost: Ozone Therapy stimulates your immune system, speeding up healing and fortifying your body’s natural defences against illnesses.

  • Enhanced Circulation: Our Ozone Therapy aids in cleansing arteries and veins, improving blood flow and promoting better cardiovascular health.

  • Blood and Lymphatic System Purification: Experience the detoxifying benefits of Ozone Therapy as it works to purify your blood and lymphatic system, promoting overall wellness.

  • Normalization of Hormone and Enzyme Production: Ozone Therapy can help balance hormone and enzyme production, contributing to improved metabolic health.

  • Pain Reduction: Experience the relief offered by Ozone Therapy, known to alleviate pain and enhance comfort.

  • Limitation of Stroke Damage: Ozone Therapy can play a significant role in limiting stroke damage, offering a proactive approach to neurological health.

  • Cardiac Health: Ozone Therapy aids in reducing cardiac arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythm, contributing to improved heart health.

  • Risk Reduction of Diabetes Complications: Ozone Therapy can help mitigate the risks associated with diabetes complications, promoting better management of this chronic condition.

  • Cognitive Health: Experience the positive impact of Ozone Therapy on brain function and memory enhancement.

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Our dedicated team is here to guide you on your path to optimal health, whether that’s through a single ozone therapy session or a comprehensive 10-pass treatment. Embrace the power of ozone and start your wellness journey with us today. Your health transformation is just a treatment away.

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