How to handle hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in the heatwave [METRO]

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What is hyperhidrosis?

It’s tricky to define how much sweat is too much sweat, so often it’s the context that’s used to diagnose this condition. It’s common to sweat if you’re very hot or are exercising, but this should usually stop once your body has had time to adjust and cool down. When you have hyperhidrosis, the sweat just keeps going.

Hyperhidrosis is also often diagnosed based on how your sweat impacts your life. It’s advised that you seek medical help if:

  • Sweating disrupts your daily routine
  • Nothing seems to help reduce your sweating
  • Excessive sweating happens at least once a week
  • Sweating causes emotional distress, social withdrawal, or anxiety

‘When people have hyperhidrosis, they have the normal number of sweat glands but, their sympathetic response is higher due to over-signalling of the responsible nerves,’

explains Dr Yassine Bendiabdallah, the co-founder of ZEN Healthcare

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