Roundup: I used Jennifer Aniston’s cellulite-busting compression trousers and this is the result

Kat Hopps samples the Body Ballancer (Image: Jeff Moore)

Kat Hopps samples the Body Ballancer (Image: Jeff Moore). Source :

It might look utterly ridiculous but cellulite-busting compression therapy, as used by Jennifer Aniston, is the latest Hollywood wellness trend. Kat Hopps tries it for size…

How do you slim your waistline and banish the dreaded cellulite? Simply put on a giant pair of inflatable trousers and lie down. At least if you’re a Hollywood A-lister who doesn’t mind looking like the Michelin Man, that is.

So-called pressotherapy is the latest wellness trend taking Tinseltown by storm, as evidenced by Friends star Jennifer Aniston who shared a shot of herself undergoing treatment with her 42 million Instagram followers earlier this week.

And while the actress, 54, may have looked a little odd, to say the least, she is clearly doing something right with her ­enviable lean figure and toned legs.

But does pressotherapy really work? I’ve arrived for a 60 minutes, £150 session at the newly-opened Zen Hampstead Pharmacy and Clinic in North London. Inside a dazzling white and bright centre is an array of revolutionary treatments.

Each one, from vitamin-infused IV drips to whole-body cryotherapy, purports to transform your health – inside and out.

Pressotherapy isn’t the newest kid on the block. But that, I’m told, gives it more credibility. It originated in Israel in the 1950s as a medical-grade therapy for treating people with lymphoedema. The chronic condition is caused by swelling in the tissues and can arise from genetics or cancer in the lymph nodes, small lumps of tissue that contain white blood cells and fight infection.

Pressotherapy: Lymphatic Drainage Treatment is available at Zen Healthcare’s four London locations. Prices start at £150 for an hour. Visit or for more information.

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