To Fast or Not to Fast

To fast or Not to fast ? The Emerging science Around Fasting, Dr Dermot O’Flynn [...]

Personalised Nutrition

Our Nutritional Consultant Miguel Toribio-Mateas will provide a bespoke nutritional therapy to suit best your [...]

Traditional GP Medical Services

Traditional GP Medical Services General medical consultation Full private medical examination Private home visit Private [...]

Mesotherapy for Face & Neck

WHAT IS MESOTHERAPY Mesotherapy is an aesthetic treatment which employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and [...]


How would you like to stop sweating excessively or worrying about sweat stains on your [...]

Gold Mask

24 Karat Gold Face Mask WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF 24K GOLD FACE MASKS? Premuim gold [...]

Collagen Booster

WHAT IS A COLLAGEN BOOSTER Collagen is a protein that makes up 80 percent of [...]