Tru Niagen®
Our muscles do what we want.

3D Rendering of ATP and Other Molecules in Cellular Respiration

Our muscles do what we want… as long as they have the energy.
How often have you thought about the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP)? If you’ve ever considered your body’s need for energy, then you have.

ATP is a high-energy phosphate stored within skeletal muscle. When we talk about muscles during workouts we’re speaking about what biologists refer to as “skeletal” muscle. ATP is the one and only source these muscles can use to contract. But our bodies sources of ATP are limited.

What does ATP have to do with NAD?
Your body can’t produce ATP without it.
And NAD gets a boost from TRU NIAGEN®. A recent clinical study shows that participants in the study who took the recommended Tru Niagen® daily serving size of 300mg per day experienced on average a 40-50% increase in NAD levels after eight weeks.*

Our muscles do what we want.

Help your body perform at its best. Start at the cellular level with Tru Niagen®.

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