Email :yassine@zenhealthcare.co.uk

Dr Yassine Bendiabdallah (MPharm, PhD, IP) is a Functional Medicine Specialist and an expert in Bio-identical Hormone therapy. 

 His previous academic degree as an anticancer research scientist at the Cancer Research UK at University College London has earned him various distinctions and publications in peer-reviewed academic journals. His special clinical interests include pesonalised nutrition, aesthetics medical treatments, travel vaccinations, health technology and the endocrine system. Yassine co-founded Zen Healthcare, a health  and wellness centre with a site in Knightsbridge and another one in Baker Street and is currently the managing director.

 Areas of interest:

 Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

 Thyroid balancing

 Lyme Disease nutritional support

 Tailor-made Intravenous Vitamin Therapies

 Weight Management 

 Functional Medicine and Restorative Therapy

 Ozone therapy for Chronic inflammatory disorders

 Nutritional Balancing


Professional Memberships:

Member of the General Pharmaceutical Council

Member of the Pharmaceutical Society

Member and Editor of BANT

Member of the European Cooperation of Medical Ozone societies

Member of British Board of Anti-ageing and Integrated Medicine

Member of the World Society of Anti-ageing Medicine (WOSAAM)

Website: www.dryassinebendi.com