What is Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction or erection problems?

Shockwave for erectile dysfunction is a sophisticated medical treatment that uses special focussed shockwaves to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis ) therefore facilitating better blood flow to the penis. A hand-held device is placed on the shaft of the penis and a series of low-level shock waves are administered. These are delivered as impulses and are not painful. Treatment takes about 20 minutes, after which, the patient will be able to carry on life as normal. Treatments are carried out by a Medical Shockwave specialist. 

Shockwave treatment causes no side-effects, is non-invasive and requires just short visits to our clinic. For patients who have suffered from erectile dysfunction for some time, obvious improvements are often noticeable within two weeks after the therapy has started, though some patients who attend us having first noticed less spontaneity and hardness in their erections, report an immediate improvement.

The treatment uses focussed shockwaves which are applied to the penis using our Swiss engineered shockwave equipment, the STORZ DUOLITH® SD1 which provides ultra-focused shock wave therapy, superior to radial shockwave used by many other practitioners. The shockwaves create new blood vessels in the penis which allow for increased blood flow.


Shockwave Erectile Dysfunction packages


Sexual Boost package

Suitable for men with busy lifestyles or a short stay in London. Our sexual boost package is a one week course of three Shockwave sessions. Each session will take twenty minutes of therapy. 


£ 1950


Premium Sexual Boost package

Suitable for men with busy lifestyle or a short stay in London. This is a one week course of three Shockwave sessions, each session about twenty minutes. This will also include comprehensive blood tests, hormone level assessment and consultation with our GP in which to review and prescribe an optimal testosterone hormone therapy programme.. 

£ 2500


ED standard treatment package

This is suitable for men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are facing problems with penetrative sex. This consists of three weeks Shockwave treatment with twice a week sessions. Each session takes approximately twenty minutes. 

£ 3500


ED premium package

This package has the same standard ED package plus blood test, consultation with our GP and the appropriate optimisation by testosterone hormone therapy.  

Between £4,000 and £5550

depending on the length of hormone therapy treatment.