wart removal in cosmetics

Skin tags, cysts and moles are harmless skin growths that vary in colour from pink flesh tones to dark brown, which can be easily removed. However, before seeking cosmetic surgery any minor lumps, bumps or moles should be checked with your GP to make sure they are harmless and can be removed.

Treatment Price:

First lesion starts from £300

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does mole/cyst removal take?

The procedure generally takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on how many moles, cysts, skin tags or lesions need to be removed.

Is there anything I need to do before I have mole or skin tag removal?

Yes. If you wish for a mole to be removed, we request that you see your primary care GP prior to treatment. As part of your general health, you need to ensure that there are no suspicious characteristics to your moles or skin lesions.  Once your GP has confirmed that it is safe for cosmetic removal, we will book an appointment for you. 

Will the procedure leave a scar?

The techniques we use are designed to minimise any scarring. However, after removing a mole, skin tag, cyst or lesion, a small scar may remain, which with time should fade away.

Are there any risks?

Very minimal. ZEN Healthcare clinic has an exceptionally high standard of hygiene, which means there is low risk of infection.