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Rob Brinded is a much feted and highly regarded ‘High Performance Specialist’. He has been working at the leading edge of health and performance fields for over two decades. He works globally with high-level executives, professional athletes and high achievers who trust and believe in this progressive and innovative approach to accomplishing their ultimate goals.  However you don’t have to be in the high-flyer category to benefit from Rob Brinded’s unique ability.  He is just as passionate about each and every person in every walk of life and working with them so that they are able to offload the cache of junk – emotional, physical or mental – that has been slowing them down and impeding their ability to reach their optimum promise.

Rob started using energy medicine in 1996, studying modalities that included Reiki, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Body Talk, Meridian Point Massage and Matrix Energetics. Since then he has had many impressive jobs including working as the Head of Strength and Conditioning at Chelsea Football Club for six years, as a Player Performance Consultant at Barcelona Football Club for three years, as a Performance Specialist at the English National Ballet School for two seasons, and as a specialist performance consultant for several Olympic athletes, along with the military and special forces soldiers.

He has been running a High Performance consulting practice since 2006 with incredible results. In 2010 he made a pivotal breakthrough in his work as a result of spending years searching for additional methods to give people a faster outcome and relief from their physical, emotional and mental pain.

Avaliability and Prices:

£250 for a 50 minute session with a 25 minute follow up on Skype.

He is avaliable once a month for 2 -3 days (Call to book an appointment)