DR. Roxanna Pirhadi

Email :bookings@zenhealthcare.co.uk

Dr Roxanna Pirhadi is a doctor in pharmacy and an independent prescriber with a number of post graduate qualifications including formulation and clinical pharmacy. She works as a senior lecturer, teaching pharmacology and non-medical prescribing in Anglia Ruskin university.

She is an aesthetic practitioner and has been trained by celebrity and international cosmetic doctor, Dr Zack Ally.
She practices aesthetics alongside her academic work.

When she is not working in academic or aesthetic sectors , she feeds her passion for art. She is an artist and oil painting is her passion.
Roxanna’s artistic background helps her develop an artistic eye for improving facial aesthetics. She is passionate for making people feel better by empowering their inner confidence and allowing them to see their unique beauty. She believes that it is important to respect each individual client‘s anatomy in order to achieve natural looking results. She firmly believes that in most cases, a conservative treatment approach is the best way to achieve her signature ‘untouched’ and refreshed look

Dr Roxanna is an expert in the following treatments:

1-Liquid nose job
2-Jawline enhancement and slimming
3-chin sculpting
4-profile balancing (Botox and fillers)
5-total eye transformation (fillers and Botox).